Cargo insurance

Consignor offers cargo insurance on single shipments through If P&C Ltd. The insurance is ordered in Consignor. Insurance cover should be made per shipment.


Insurance must be purchased prior to the date of shipment. The agreement should include information on:

  • Sum insured/ value of shipment
  • Distance
  • Sort of goods
  • E-mail address

A certificate of insurance will be sent to the registered E-mail address confirming the insurance cover. The insurance is not valid if the information is wrong or incomplete, or if the order has been placed after departure.

Cancellation or modification

Cancellations or modification should be made in the environment where the order was placed no later than the commencement of the shipment.


The premium depends on sum insured/ value of shipment and distance/ area with an absolute minimum of NOK/ SEK/ DKK 120, EUR 12 per shipment. Premium will be added to your ordinary invoice and will be specified directly below shipment if you receive detailed invoice by mail.


Deductible: No claims settling below NOK/ SEK/ DKK 250, EUR 40 each claim. Maximum sum insured NOK/ SEK/ DKK 500.000, EUR 75.000.

Terms & conditions

This insurance is according to ICC-terms with following specifications:


ICC(A) (18,9 kB, PDF) Transport Super for new goods

ICC(C) (50,5 kB, PDF)Transport Basic for used goods

Type of goods:

Limited to ”Normal goods” excluding;

  • Valuables (jewellery, precious metals and stones, stamps, bonds and money)
  • Art and antiques
  • Medicine
  • Live animals and fish
  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal goods

Contact/ Claims handling

Damages or losses should be reported immediately to Consignor in Consignor – portal. If the carrier is pre-registrated in the Consignor-portal, he will be automatically informed of the claim. If not, the carrier should be notified manually and held responsible for the defects.

Claims handling will be based on the order as per the EDI – portal. However, please keep the certificate of insurance for further documentation.