In recent years, corporate partnerships with startups have surged in popularity. These collaborations can add value to achieving strategic objectives and maintaining competitiveness in the market. 

At If Insurance, we embrace this trend wholeheartedly. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best offerings, and to achieve this, we must remain at the forefront of innovation. Startups, with their agility, play a pivotal role in driving innovation and fostering growth by adding value to our company and customers.  

These collaborations take on diverse forms, spanning from the integration of new technologies into If's extensive industry network to the joint development of innovative solutions. Our goal is to harness the agile innovation of startups in conjunction with the resources and market reach of If's network, driving substantial change and collectively shaping the future of industries. 

Our partner network currently includes startups from a range of industries, showcasing the diversity of today's business landscapes. 

Let’s dive into one of our partnership’s with Mitigrate 

Mitigrate has built a SaaS platform to predict how physical climate risk will impact property assets in the future. Their innovative approach aligns seamlessly with If Insurance's commitment to proactive risk prevention and staying ahead of evolving challenges. By partnering with Mitigrate, If Insurance gains access to cutting-edge tools and methodologies that enhance our ability to assess and address climate-related risks promptly and effectively ensuring more piece of mind for our customers.  

Climate change is not on top of mind of the Nordic citizens when it comes to property, but with trends in other European markets, we already need to act as an industry player to prevent future damages. 


Mutual benefits 

The strategic collaboration between If Insurance and Mitigrate yields reciprocal benefits, catalyzing innovation, and advancement for both entities. For an insurance provider this provides access to validate, test and leverage new technologies and improve our existing services and products. On the other hand, the partnership affords the startup heightened visibility and credibility within the market as well as access to If’s network. This serves as a powerful testament to the startup’s technological prowess and reliability, facilitating for market penetration and fostering investor confidence.  

Last, but not least, it fosters a culture of innovation – wherein both partners co-create and synergize complementary strengths and expertise to address prevailing challenges in the insurance sector.  


Navigating the Partnership from Validation to Growth 

The processes within our insurance company needs to be assessed with high quality, thus being patient is key. However, this patience comes with a significant impactful price for our partners, both in terms of demonstrating the quality of our assessments and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, a vital consideration for future stakeholders. Insurance inherently involves risk assessment, analyzing claims, projecting future needs, and modeling risk daily. 

“The aim of the external partnerships with startups is to identify and validate promising ventures, subsequently scaling them up together. Partners like Mitigrate are indispensable, contributing significantly to our ability to innovate and deliver value at every turn”. – Anders Skalmerud Sørbo 

"The key is moving from scale to efficiency while identifying and validating promising ideas. It's a skill we're always refining to stay ahead in our industry, hand in hand with our partners." – Anders Skalmerud Sørbo 

According to Mitigrate the role of collaboration in the entrepreneurial journey is paramount to receive invaluable feedback while building their product.  

In addition partnering up with a larger industry player Mitigrate is able to “Separate large-scale operations from smaller validation efforts.” – Mitigrate 

Moreover, "It is indeed encouraging to observe the collaboration with If Insurance and other entities, collectively commanding over 50% market share in countries such as Norway. This signifies the potential for significant impact, underscoring the necessity for a collaborative approach.” – Mitigrate 

In the end "…our forte lies not merely in uncovering the next groundbreaking service or solution, but rather in executing at scale, with efficiency, and unwavering quality. That's where our strength truly lies. Working at this intersection is not only fascinating but also immensely rewarding." – Anders Skalmerud Sørbo