Expatriate insurance

If Europeiske is a leading brand within travel insurance. The brand has long traditions in the Norwegian market, and has built a very strong reputation as the travel insurance specialist among Norwegian consumers.

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If Europeiske expatriate insurance

This insurance covers employees stationed abroad. The insurance is valid 24/7 at the location where an employee is stationed and for all trips worldwide.

Expatriate insurance can also include spouses, cohabitants and children up to the age of 21 who accompany the employee. For further details about the insurance cover, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the insurance.

Expatriate insurance consists of a medical insurance and a basic travel insurance. 

Expatriates insurance
Medical insurance comprises:
Basic cover comprises the following:

Information when working abroad

The information is based on the general terms and conditions of the expatriate insurance. Keep in mind that your employer may have chosen special terms for your insurance.

Insurance covers
Changes in the family situation

Please keep your employer informed if there are changes in your family situation. This is important for swift handling of your case. If If does not find person name in the expat list we are not able to handle the case until we get confirmation from the employer which can take some time.

How is my insurance valid during the expatriation?

The insurance is valid during the whole expatriation and during the business journeys related to your work tasks of the expatriation in question. The insurance is also valid during leisure time journeys throughout the world, also in your home country.

The insurance also covers your family if you have agreed this with your employer. Please check this directly with your employer.

Travelling in war risk areas

Please contact your employer before travelling to risk areas to make sure your insurance cover is eligible.

Illness or injury
I have a chronical condition. Am I covered by the insurance?

We cover necessary medicines and requisite check-ups at the doctor. If your condition has an acute detoration and you need other medical treatment, please contact If's medical assistance for further assistance.

Which clinics can I use abroad?

The standard of the hospitals and clinics can vary between countries. Please contact If's medical assistance and we will help you find the best preferred clinic in our quality controlled network. In most situations we can place a guarantee of payment and monitor your treatment.

What should I do if I get sick or injured abroad?

If's medical assistance partner offers immediate help 24/7. ​

Have you paid for medical expenses and want to request a refund?

Do I need to pay the medical expenses at the clinic?

If you are in contact with If's medical assistance they might be able to place a gurantee of payment or pay the hospital/doctor directly. However, in some countries the clinics and doctors will not accept payment from others and you will have to pay yourself and claim the costs by submitting a claim form when you get back home. It is important that you keep all medical reports and receipts. You can upload this when submitting a claim.

What should I do if a crisis situation arrises??

If there has been a terror attack or other crisis please check the instructions from your employer.

Follow closely also the instructions from the relevant authorities.

In case of emergency or medical attention, you can always contact If's medical assistance 24/7.

Do you cover dental treatment?

We cover up to NOK 10,000 per person per insurance year for dental treatment due to acute illness, injury and check-ups. Regular check-up, whitening, cleaning and braces is not covered.

Do you cover transport to and from the doctor or hospital?

The insurance only covers transportation by ambulance.

Do you cover vaccinations?

The insurance covers childrens vaccination and vaccination necessary for staying at the station abroad, recommended by WHO.

How do you cover pregnancy related costs?

The insurance covers ordinary pregnancy check-ups (doctor's fees, ultrasound, etc.), hospital stays, birth and planned caesarean sections. The maximum coverage is NOK 150,000 per pregnancy. 

If something acute happens during the delivery that requires an emergency C-section, this is covered without limitations on the sum.

What should I do if I need treatment while I am in my home country?

The expatriate insurance also covers medical expenses while on vacation in your home country. If it is just a minor thing you can go straight to the doctor and then claim a refund. If you need medical assistance, or if the medical expenses are expected to exceed NOK 10 000, you must contact If's medical assistance.

A close relative back home has become ill, does the insurance cover my expenses for travelling home?

The insurance covers extra expenses for a return ticket if the employee interupts the business trip due to e.g. a close relative suffers a life threateningly illness, accident or deceases.

You must always contact the airline first to see if you can rebook your ticket. We cover economy flight tickets.

Cancelled or delayed flight
I cannot travel as planned. Does the insurance cover tickets if I cancel my trip?

We mainly cover cancellations caused by sickness. We also cover cancellations if an epidemic, natural disaster, terrorism or war when the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travels to the area.

For complete overview, please see our terms and conditions.
You should first claim compensation from the tour or transport operator. The insurance can cover the part that the tour or transport operator does not cover.

After you have received compensation from the tour or transport operator, please report a claim to us.

My flight has been cancelled, can I get this refunded by the insurance?

The insurance does not cover the cancelled flight ticket. When the airline company cancels the flight they are obliged to offer you a new departure, and if this is not possible, offer you a refund.

My flight has been delayed, can I get new tickets refunded by the insurance.

When a flight is delayed it is the airline companys responsibility to rebook you to a later flight or offer you a refund.

We cover the extra costs for a new flight ticket if the flight, or other public transportation, does not depart on scheduled time due to e.g. extreme weather conditions, technical error, traffic accident or another incident that leads to an extraordinary traffic situation. Food and beverage is not covered.

The insurance covers travel expenses if the airline or tour operator is unable to rebook your journey within 24 hours. The insurance covers accommodation if the airline company or tour operator cannot offer you transport until the next day.

Lost or delayed luggage
What is regarded as luggage? What should you not have in your check in luggage.

Luggage means items you bring with you on your travel. Money and valuables are covered to some extent, please see terms and conditions. Valuable items such as money, passport, electronic devices, jewlery, medication, fragile items, should not be packed in the check in luggage.

My luggage is stolen

Contact the police and report the theft. Make sure to collect the police report. File your claim to If and attach a list of the stolen items from your luggage, specify the price and date of purschase for each item individually. If you have receipts for the items, you can attach these together with the police report.

My check-in luggage is damaged

The insurance covers damage to checked in luggage if you have a Property Irregularity report (you get this at the counter at the airport). Fragile items or valuables, such as computer, camera, money and jewelry sholud not be in checked-in luggage and is not covered if damaged or stolen. Damage to suitcase or bag under transport is the airlines responsibility, and is not covered by the insurance. This must be reported directly to the airline.

My check-in luggage is delayed

When your luggage is delayed, you can buy the most essential clothes and hygiene articles to manage until you get your luggage again. Make sure to keep the receipts.

You must make a PIR report (Property Irregularity Report) at the airport if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.

The maximum cover amount is NOK 5000 for leisure travels and NOK 10 000 for business travel.

My check-in luggage is lost

If your luggage hasn’t arrived and the airline confirms that it is lost, primarily the airline or tour operator is responsible for compensation. You must make the PIR report (Property Irregularity Report) at the airport if your luggage does not arrive on time.

If the airline does not compensate the loss of luggage in full, you can claim the exceeding amount up to the maximum amount stated in the insurance letter. Please note that valuable items should be carried in the hand luggage.

Before expatriation
How should I prepare for my expatriation?

Before your expatriation starts it is beneficial to ensure that your passport is valid. Some countries require that your passport is valid for 180 days after entry. Visa and/or insurance certificates are required for entry into a few specific countries. If you travel to a country that requires visa make sure you apply well in advance. We always recommend that you check the current travel restrictions for your destination.

Where can I find my insurance number?

You can find your insurance number on your travel insurance certificate or you can contact you employer. You need your policy number e.g. when you file a claim to If or when you contact If's medical assistance partner.

Where can I find information of my expatriation coverage?

You can find general information here.

You can also log in to My pages, contact us, or your employer for more detailed information and terms and conditions. 

I need a medical check-up before I start my assignment. Is this covered by the insurance?

The insurance does not cover medical check-ups that are part of the company's HSE programme and vaccination requirements known prior to deployment. 

Expatriation in China

Treatment in China can be very expensive depending on the treatment place. Therefore, it is essential that you contact If's medical assistance partner before you seek medical assistance China.

You will find their contact information in your travel insurance documents.

If's medical assistance partner Falck Global Assistance have a wide network of clinics where the quality has been controlled and the price levels are reasonable.

Our partner is on duty 24/7 and will advise you of the nearest co-operative physician and assist in arranging a verification of benefits (guarantee of payment) to the clinic.

Expatriation in USA

When you start your assignment in USA you will receive information from If's medical assistance partner Falck Global Assistance about the routines of the health care system. The insurance field works in a different way than what many of us are used to. In case of illness or accident, we recommend you to contact our assistance partner, who will advise you to the nearest recommended clinic.

Our assistance partner has a wide network of clinics where the quality has been controlled and they are able to assist in arranging a verification of benefits (guarantee of payment) directly to the clinics. For more information about the health care system you can contact our assitance partner.

Is it safe to travel to the travel destination?

It is always a good idea to check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get information about your destination country.

Follow also your employer's travel guidelines.

After expatriation
How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim here. If you need immediate assistance, please contact If's medical assistance.

Please keep all documentation like receipts, police report, medical reports and prescriptions. You can upload this in our claim form.

After you have submitted the claim you do not need to contact us, we will contact you if we need anything else to handle your claim.

How do I seek for treatment when my expatriation is over?

When your expatriation ends, you are no longer covered. We kindly ask you to prepare in beforehand and check how your private and national insurance coverage can be arranged and set valid when you return back home. This applies also to your accompanying family members.