If Europeiske travel insurance

If Europeiske is a leading brand within travel insurance. The brand has long traditions in the Norwegian market and has built a very strong reputation as the travel insurance specialist with Norwegian consumers.

Today the brand is part of the If Group, one of Norway’s leading insurance companies.

Travel/expats - reporting claims

Worldwide presence

We have local offices in all continents around the globe. They have unique knowledge about local culture, language and infrastructure at the different travel destinations around the world, as well as unique knowledge and insights regarding local hospitals and doctors. We know who is best qualified to help you in case of medical need, at the location you are.

Alarm central always open

Our alarm central is always open and ready to help you in case of emergency or with any other request you might have when travelling.

You can contact them through the If Europeiske travel app or at +47 21 49 50 00.

Free If Europeiske app

When you buy an If Europeiske travel insurance, you can upload your travel insurance card in the If Europeiske travel app, available in both App Store and Google Play.

In the app you will also find our closest recommended doctors and hospitals wherever you are, as well as contact info with possibility to file claims online.

Travel insurances for everyone

We offer both all-year travel insurance and insurance for single travel. Our travel insurances can be bought for single persons, couples and families. We have special offerings for young people and students abroad.

If Europeiske travel insurance gives you the coverage you need to be safe when travelling, the most important being:

  • Medical expenses and travel home after sickness or accident
  • Lost luggage
  • Trip cancellation and delay expenses

Questions and answers

Get help with how to prepare before your trip, or if something happens during or after your business travel.

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