Disability pension

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Disability Pension

Benefits from NAV amount to a maximum of 66% of your previous salary. For those with an above-average income the reduction is even greater. Disability pension reduces the income gap and provides financial stability for you and your loved ones.

Purchasable from 18-50 years, disability pension provides you with a monthly payout if you become at least 40% incapacitated for work, regardless of cause. Payouts start after 12 months of coherent sick leave, and continue for as long as you are incapacitated or until the day you retire. When declared fit again, payments will stop and you keep the insurance.

You can choose between NOK 3 000, 6 000, 9 000 for your monthly payouts, depending on your current salary and insurance coverage. Compensation is then calculated depending on the impairment rating.

Our disability pension comes with free 24/7 access to our medical advice service, Helsetelefonen.