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Are you between 18 and 25 and on the lookout for the best insurance bundle in the market? If Start combines the best coverage with the lowest price

From 129,- per month

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If Start Super If Start

Home contents insurance

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Travel insurance

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Bicycle insurance

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Student insurance

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Accident insurance

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24/7/365 health advice

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Accidental damage insurance


Pest control


209,-/month 129,-/month

Introducing: If Start Super

Ever spilt coffee on your laptop? If Start Super includes accidental damage coverage, as well as more travel days, pest control, moving damage and more for only 209,- per month.

Planning to study abroad?

You may extend If Start to include coverage outside of the Nordics for up to 6 months. That means that you take your travel and accident insurance with you, while keeping the NOK 300 000 home contents cover in Norway. In addition, you get an extra home contents insurance that covers any belongings you take with you, up to NOK 100 000.