Health insurance

Get a quote on health insurance for companies. Safe insurance for you and your employees.

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Healthy and motivated employees = profitable company

  • Reduce sick leave

    The employees get quick access to specialists and care.

  • Reduce financial costs

    Both the company and the employees benefit from shorter sick leave.

  • Become an attractive employer

    A valuable benefit that motivates and attracts employees.

Protect the people who make your business work

Providing health insurance to your employees, including yourself, is a great benefit and at the same time an investment in reducing sick leave. If someone in the workplace becomes ill, unexpected costs arise and you risk losing income. Every day counts. Therefore, we have nurses who help you get care fast via specialists or psychologists.

One day of sick leave costs as much as one year of health insurance

Faster access to help and treatment contributes to shorter sick leave. Therefore, we offer a treatment guarantee where you get the required help within 10-20 days.

Included in the health insurance