Coronavirus information

Important information related to the corona pandemic

There is nothing we in Europeiske want more than for our customers to travel around again, explore the world and create memories. Therefore, we of course follow the development in the pandemic very closely. The contagion situation in Europe and the world right now shows that traveling is something you should simply avoid.

We who work in Europeiske Travel Insurance also hope for an improvement soon. Not only do we who work here also like to travel, but we like to help you as a customer both before, during and after a trip. We will therefore do what we can so that we can give a concrete answer as soon as possible on when you can travel again with valid travel insurance. The infection situation is very complex.

Mutated virus variants, hospital capacity, vaccine deployment and its effect, vaccine certificate and refusal of entry are some of the loose ends right now. We cross our fingers that things will soon stabilize, so that we can bring you good news.

Cancellation of leisure trips in Norway

The travel insurance applies as usual to domestic travel, and cancellation of leisure travel is covered if the cause is own illness. Up to and including 30 April 2021, we have extended the coverage to include cancellation of leisure trips if you are in a mandatory quarantine on the day of departure. The quarantine imposed must be as a result of close contact with a confirmed infected person, and must be able to be documented by the municipal health service.

Cancellation of travel due to entry quarantine after a stay abroad, fear of infection or the authorities' advice to avoid travel is not covered.

If you have to cancel a prepaid leisure trip in Norway as a result of illness or government-imposed infection quarantine, contact the tour operator for rebooking or cancellation of the trip. The infection quarantine must be available on the day of departure, and the cancellation insurance covers what you have paid before the infection quarantine began, and which you will not be reimbursed by the tour operator.

Business trip information

Once the insurance is taken out by the company, we cover the company's employees on necessary business trips to all countries, and it is up to the company to assess what is necessary. Employees who travel on necessary business trips will be covered by the insurance terms in the usual way - also for expenses for necessary medical treatment that arise on the business trip, including any COVID-19.

If the insurance also covers holiday and leisure travel, private travel to «red countries» will not be covered. Private trips to countries that are yellow on the departure date are covered in the usual way, even if the country turns red while you are out. But then the traveler must count on the quarantine when returning to Norway, and bear the disadvantages and costs of this.

Travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) advises against travel to the rest of the world until 15 April 2021, with the exception of countries in the EEA/Schengen which are marked yellow on NIPH's map. The map will be updated when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces which countries they advise against traveling to and which do not. If you are traveling, it is important to follow which countries / areas are marked yellow or red.

The travel insurance is valid for travel in Norway and in countries or areas where the travel advice is revoked (yellow countries). If the country is marked yellow on departure, the travel insurance applies, even if the country turns red during the trip.

See map on FHI's website

The travel insurance covers cancellations to all countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to at the time of departure if the trip was paid for while the country was marked yellow / green in FHI's map. Everyone who travels abroad must familiarize themselves with Norwegian and other countries' rules for travel and infection control.

Other useful information

  • If you need help from the Norwegian authorities and you are in another country, you should contact the nearest Norwegian foreign service mission. If you are far away from such a station, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) on telephone +47 23 95 00 00 or by e-mail
  • If you need emergency medical assistance abroad, you can call our emergency number: + 47 21 49 50 00
    In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we recommend all Norwegians abroad to register on the authorities' website Remember also that you must delete the travel registration when you return home, so that the authorities have an overview at all times.
  • All Norwegians who are/are traveling abroad are encouraged to stay up to date on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice

Find more information in the links below, and report your case on our website instead of calling.

Cancellation of travel

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