Corona pandemic

- this applies to you who have Business Travel Insurance

Valid travel insurance in the EU, Schengen and the UK

The travel insurance is valid for travel to all countries in the EU, Schengen and the United Kingdom. The insurance is valid for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated, even if you should be infected with corona on the trip.

However, there are still restrictions on the cancellation coverage for travel to all countries that are covered by travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Additional expences

Please note that the travel insurance does not cover additional expenses in connection with:

  • Denial of entry or quarantine obligation upon entry as a result of foreign authorities' guidelines. For example, inadequate documentation, quarantine obligation as a result of not being vaccinated, high infection pressure or mutated viruses in Norway.
  • The entry quarantine when you arrive in Norway.

Cancellation of all trips abroad

It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (UD) travel advice that forms the basis for whether the insurance covers cancellation of the trip, not the quarantine rules in the area you are traveling to or coming from.

  • The travel insurance does not cover cancellation of travel that is paid for when an area is covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice. This applies even if the area you want to travel to has lifted the ban on entry.
  • If you pay for a trip to an area that is not advised to travel to by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the travel insurance will include cancellation if you become unexpectedly acute or ill after the travel advice has been revoked.
  • The travel insurance covers cancellation to all countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to at the time of departure. It is assumed that the trip was paid for while the country did not have travel advice. If the country has no travel advice when paying for the trip, we cover cancellation if there is travel advice 72 hours or less before departure, we reimburse the expenses that the airline or tour operator is not obliged to reimburse according to current rules.
  • Up to and including 31 August 2021, we have extended the coverage to include cancellation of leisure trips if you are in a mandatory quarantine on the day of departure.
  • The travel insurance does not cover cancellations of trips to countries without travel advice where you must be quarantined on arrival due to the infection situation in Norway.
  • Cancellation of travel due to fear of infection or entry quarantine in Norway after a stay abroad is also not included.
  • To have a valid cancellation insurance for travel outside the Nordic region, you must change the insurance to cover travel worldwide, before you pay for the trip.

Business trip information

Once the insurance is taken out by the company, we cover the company's employees on necessary business trips to all countries, and it is up to the company to assess what is necessary. Employees who travel on necessary business trips will be covered by the insurance terms in the usual way - also for expenses for necessary medical treatment that arise on the business trip, including any COVID-19.

If the insurance also covers holiday and leisure travel, private travel to «red countries» will not be covered. Private trips to countries that are yellow on the departure date are covered in the usual way, even if the country turns red while you are out. But then the traveler must count on the quarantine when returning to Norway, and bear the disadvantages and costs of this.

Cancellation of leisure trips in Norway

The travel insurance applies as usual to domestic travel, and cancellation of leisure travel is covered if the cause is own illness. Up to and including August 31st. 2021, we have extended the coverage to include cancellation of leisure trips if you are in a mandatory quarantine on the day of departure.

The quarantine imposed must be as a result of close contact with a confirmed infected person, and must be able to be documented by the municipal health service. This extension applies to travel that should have started from 1 January 2021.

If you have to cancel a prepaid leisure trip in Norway as a result of illness or government-imposed infection quarantine, contact the tour operator for rebooking or cancellation of the trip. The infection quarantine must be available on the day of departure, and the cancellation insurance covers what you have paid before the infection quarantine began, and which you will not be reimbursed by the tour operator.

Cancellation of travel due to entry quarantine after a stay abroad, fear of infection or the authorities' advice to avoid travel is not covered.