Theft and loss

In the event of theft of belongings while traveling, or if checked baggage does not arrive.

Seek compensation

In case of theft or loss of belongings and checked baggage

1. Report to local police/airline

  • Theft and robbery must, as far as practically possible, be reported to local police.
  • Report lost checked baggage to the airline/carrier before leaving the baggage claim.

2. Report the case to us

Have this in hand when you report the case:

  • BankID / BankID on mobile.
  • Birth number (11 digits) of everyone you apply for.
  • Agreement number if you do not own the insurance yourself.
  • Amount / receipts for assets you want replaced.
  • PIR report (in case of lost checked baggage).

3. We are processing the case

You will usually receive a feedback from us within a few days.

Good to know

  • If you are travelling and robbed of important travel documents, credit cards and the like and need urgent help, call us on + 47 21 49 50 00.
  • If checked baggage does not recover, it is considered lost after three to four weeks.
  • If your luggage is delayed, read more about it under delayed luggage.