Delayed luggage

When checked baggage does not show up as expected.

Seek compensation

Delayed luggage

If your luggage is delayed on departure, you can be reimbursed for expenses for the purchase of necessary clothes and toiletries that you needed before the luggage arrived.

1. Report at the airport

Notify the airline or front desk staff at the baggage claim. They must give you a confirmation that your luggage is delayed (PIR report), before you make the necessary purchases.

2. Report the case to us

Wait until you have received your luggage before applying for compensation. Have this in hand when you report the case:

  • BankID / BankID on mobile.
  • Birth number (11 digits) of everyone you apply for.
  • Agreement number if you do not own the insurance yourself.
  • PIR report.
  • Date of receipt of your luggage.
  • Amount / receipts for what you want replaced.

3. We are processing the case

You usually get a feedback from us after 1-2 days.

Good to know

  • Expenses for necessary purchases can be covered by up to NOK 5,000 per person, a maximum of NOK 25,000 per family.
  • If you have travel insurance through your employer and are on a business trip, up to NOK 10,000 is covered per person.

In most cases, the luggage is found after a few hours or days. If you should be so unlucky that your luggage does not fit at all, the travel insurance will replace the value of the luggage according to its own rules.

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