Illness on travel

In the event of expenses in connection with an acute illness or injury abroad.

Report Illness

Compensation for expenses in the event of acute illness or injury while traveling

If you become ill before departure and have to cancel the trip, you will find more information here: Cancellation of travel

Report the case

Have this in hand when applying for compensation:

  • BankID / BankID on mobile.
  • Birth number (11 digits) of everyone you apply for.
  • Agreement number if you do not own the insurance yourself.
  • Amount / receipts for what you want replaced.

We are processing the case

You usually get a feedback after a few days.

Seek compensation

Illness - you or any family members

Illness - someone else in your party

What do you do if you become ill abroad?

  • If you need urgent medical attention, see a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. You will find our approved doctors and hospitals abroad in the Europeiske app.
  • Contact us if you are admitted to hospital, and the treatment is expected to exceed NOK 10.000 or surgery is required. If you need to speed up your journey home, you must also contact us first. Phone +47 21 49 24 00
  • Keep medical documents such as doctor's prescription and prescription.