Early return

In case of an early return due to an acute situation at home.

Seek compensation

Has anything happened at home while you are traveling?

The insurance covers extra travel expenses for an early travel back to your home if an acute situation has occurred. Such as a serious illness or death in a close family, or serious damage to your home. If a holiday trip is canceled, you will also be entitled to compensation for lost holiday days.

1. Report the case to us

Have this clear when you report the case:

  • BankID / BankID on mobile.
  • Birth number (11 digits) of everyone you apply for.
  • Agreement number if you do not own the insurance yourself.
  • Amount / receipts for what you want replaced.

2. We are processing the case

You usually get a feedback from us after 1-2 days.

Good to know

Before you book the return trip, contact us on +47 21 49 50 00 to get the travel expenses approved.