Delayed transport

In case of delays on trains, planes, boats and other means of transport.

Seek compensation

If you experience delays on your trip

1. Contact the airline/tour operator

If your flight is canceled or delayed, first contact the airline/travel agency. They can often help you with rebooking or getting your money back. Be sure to get a confirmation of the cause of the flight delay and how long the delay was.

Take care of all receipts.

Good to know

Find information about delayed luggage

2. Report the case to us

For expenses that are not reimbursed by the airline/tour operator, you can apply for reimbursement on the travel insurance. Have this in hand when you report the case:

  • BankID / BankID on mobile.
  • Birth number (11 digits) of everyone you apply for.
  • Agreement number if you do not own the insurance yourself.
  • Written confirmation of the reason for the delay from the tour operator, transport company or salvage company.
  • Amount / receipts for what you want replaced.

3. We are processing the case

You usually get a feedback from us after 1-2 days.