Dog insurance

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Dog insurance ensures your dog the best possible treatment in the event that something unforeseen was to happen

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Buy Dog Insurance

Our dog insurance can be bought when your dog is 6 weeks -7 years old and maintained its whole life.

Dog insuance includes

Veterinary expenses
Chiropractic treatment
Cancer treatment

Covers puppies 1-3 months old
Up to NOK 6 000 per puppy

A one-time payout in the event that your dog dies, naturally or by euthanasia, or disappears.

The sum insured is meant to reflect the value of your dog, i.e. the cost of buying a new dog of the same breed. In cases where the amount exceeds NOK 15 000, ID-marking is mandatory.

Working dogs
Some dogs are trained to perform special tasks, such as guide dogs or hunting dogs. Our insurance provides compensation if your dog loses the ability to perform such a task.
The ability to breed or partake in exhibitions is not covered.